I first created daisyroot.com during my final year of university, as a way of displaying my photographs.


I was then introduced to motorsport photography in 2006 and wanted to share my photographs with the people involved.  In 2009 I was joined by another photographer, Vivien Johnson, which helps us to capture a wider variety of shots at each motorsport event.  All of our motorsport images are available to buy from the motosport gallery.


In 2011 I decided to increase the content of daisyroot.com by adding more of my personal work and events I've covered; in the future, I intend to add my paintings.


My projects, which can be found in my personal gallery, are mainly centered around the use of metaphor, allowing for new meaning to be given to ordinary objects. Metaphors allow you to depict feelings, thoughts and experiences for which there are no easy words.


Julie Johnson 



If you would like to see any of Vivien's personal work, please visit - www.cambrianimages.com


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